Golden Eagle Color Guard

Want to join the 2022-2023 Color Guard team? 

No experience is needed, we will teach you everything you need to know.

Come check us out in Room 801every...

Monday from 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Please email Mrs. Garvin at if you have any questions.


Varsity Color Guard Team

During the Field Show and Winter Guard seasons, the varsity team performs at Band Camp, 2 parades, 4 concerts, home football games, pep rallies, middle school day, special events, and all competitions. In order to be considered for the varsity team, you must demonstrate an understanding of movement, pathways, technique, and performance presentation. Varsity members will continue to focus on basics and building their skills. Furthermore, they will have a more fasted based learning style and will be given advanced level choreography. Varsity Color Guard members may not participate in any other sport or co-curricular activity that interferes with the obligations of the Varsity Color Guard Team.

JV Color Guard Team

The JV team was established in 2016 to provide students with a more in-depth learning environment where no prior experience is needed. The team performs at select special events, 2 parades, and 4 concerts. JV students are required to learn all Varsity competition routines and may be added to any Varsity performances upon special request from the director. Students who do get added to a Varsity performance routine will still maintain a JV status. JV students can also be promoted to Varsity anytime during the year.

What is Color Guard?

Color Guard involves spinning flags, rifles, sabers, and dance techniques. The two Color Guard teams meet all year long and Varsity competes during the Fall and Winter seasons.

During Fall Season the Varsity Color Guard performs with the band during the halftime shows at the football games, field show competitions, and parades. Performances include spinning flags, rifles, and sabers while incorporating beginning dance moves with music. JV Color Guard members focus on two parades, the Fall Concert, and the Holiday Concert.

Winter Season is called Winter Guard. Winter Guard is a competitive season where our Varsity Color Guard team performs to one song on a gym floor. We utilize a mat to cover up the gym floor, a variety of props, as well as intricate moves incorporating equipment and movement. During this season the JV Color Guard focuses on the Spring Concert and the POPS Concert.

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