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Middle Schools

Auditions for Advanced Band and Choir: Monday March 18th 3:10pm @ San Pasqual Union or  Tuesday March 19th 3:10pm @ Bear Valley MSor  Wednesday March 20th 2:45pm @ San Pasqual High SchoolStudents should report to the music room on one of these days and sign up for a time slot (first-come-first-served). The audition consists of a 1-2 minute solo (preferably with accompaniment), sight-reading, some pitch-matching exercises (for vocalists) and any major or minor scale (for instrumentalists--doesn't need to be memorized but please bring your own music). All auditioners must register ahead of time by clicking here. Questions? Instrumentalists contact Mr. Lund at
Auditions for Varsity Dance Team and Dance Ensemble: March 19 & March 20 from 3:30-5:30pm in the dance studio at SPHS.  The first day will be learning material such as across the floor technique and a jazz routine.  The second day will be the audition.  Please contact Kristi Steinhilber at if you have any questions.  Those chosen for Dance Ensemble will be given information about the Varsity Dance Team auditions which will take place in May.  Students are encouraged to have solid double pirouettes, good flexibility, positive attitudes and have the ability to learn choreography quickly.  Dance Ensemble and the Varsity Dance team have numerous performances such as football halftime, pep rallies and 7 concerts a year.  Dedication and commitment to these groups is essential for their success.  Only audition if you are willing to commit your time and full effort to the program.

Auditions for the 2019 Varsity and JV Color Guard Team: Monday March 18th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm @ SPHS or  Tuesday March 19th from 3:15pm - 4:45pm @ SPHS,  We will meet in Room 800, the SPHS MPR. No experience is needed to tryout. Please contact Mrs. Garvin at if you have any questions. The JV team provides students with a more in-depth learning environment where no prior experience is needed. The team performs at select special events, the Jayces Christmas parade, and 4 concerts. JV students also learn all Varsity competition routines and may be added to any Varsity performances upon special request from the director. Furthermore, you must have a positive attitude and be dedicated to the program. Workout attire required. 

Registration instructions for Woodwinds and Brass: Do not audition to be in Beginning Band or Marching Band, but previous experience on your instrument is necessary. Auditions are for Advanced Band only, and only for the most capable musicians--it is rare for a 9th grader to be admitted into Advanced Band. Regardless of audition outcome, every 9th grade band student should request two band classes when they register: Beginning Band and Marching Band. Beginning Band is for students in their first year of high school band, not students who are new to their instrument. Marching Band is a 7th period class that meets Monday and Thursday evenings. You will still take 6 classes during the regular school day and 7th period. A sample schedule: Beginning Band, English, Math, PE, Biology, Spanish/French OR College & Career Readiness/Health, Marching Band. Please click here for more detailed information, advice on course selection and a sample four-year plan.

Registration instructions for Percussionists: All percussionists meet in a separate class known as Percussion Ensemble. All percussionists must request Percussion Ensemble. In addition, percussionists should request Marching Band also when registering. Playing in "the pit" (marching band front ensemble) does not require audition. The drum line is auditioned and requires enrollment in both Percussion Ensemble and Marching Band. Please contact Mr. Lund at if you would like information about the audition process.